MATS Policy Minutes Dec. 9, 2021

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December 9, 2021

A meeting of the MATS Policy Committee was held on Thursday, December 9th via the Zoom Virtual Meeting Platform. There were nine voting members present thereby establishing a quorum. The agenda and the minutes from the last meeting were both introduced and approved by the Policy Committee members. The only item on the meeting agenda was the Road and Bridge Project List for the 2050 MTP Update. The preliminary list was presented to the Policy Committee at their meeting on November 3, 2021. The changes to the list since that time involve the removal of projects that were cancelled, completed or covered under other GDOT funding sources. The changes to the list also involve the addition of projects which address local priorities. This includes the widening of sections of the following roads: New Forsyth Rd., Zebulon Rd., Bass Rd. and SR 49. There are a total of 45 projects on the list currently as a result of the revisions. The current list provides projects according to their priority. The current priority is based on projects that are already underway in the TIP, projects of interest from local officials and projects listed as long range.

The public outreach efforts for the MTP Update were also discussed. The MPO has been seeking public input on projects since November through the use of an online survey process and open house meetings The MTP fiscal balancing requirements were then presented as well as the estimated surplus. The final project list will need to be submitted to the Inter Agency Committee (IAC) for review. In addition, the list will only be final for GDOT modeling purposes and can be revised after the 2050 MTP Update. Subsequently, a motion was made by Gary Wilson and seconded by John Ricketson to approve the Road & Bridge Project list in order to submit it to GDOT. The motion was then passed by the members of the Policy Committee. Finally, Greg Brown mentioned that there will be two more open house meeting to receive public input regarding the MTP Update. Being no further business to discuss, the meeting was then adjourned.