MATS Technical Minutes Nov. 17, 2021

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MATS Technical Meeting
November 17, 2021

A meeting of the MATS Technical Committee was held on Nov. 17, 2021 via the Zoom meeting platform. There were eleven members present, thereby establishing a quorum. The minutes from the previous meeting were introduced and approved by the TCC members. The only agenda item for the meeting was the Travel Demand Model for the 2050 Transportation Plan presented by Georgia D.O.T. Habte Kassa of Georgia D.O.T. stated that federal law requires updates of the Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP) every five years. The MTP covers a minimum 20 year planning horizon and the MTP for Macon-Bibb Co. must be adopted by May 3, 2022. The Travel Demand Model involves trip generation, trip distribution, mode choice and trip assignment. The MPO Boundary and the Modeling Area for MATS was also presented. The Travel Demand Model involves the update of the traffic analysis zones (TAZ), the preparation of socio-economic data as well as other items. The TAZs are the primary unit of area analysis in the travel demand model and represent the land use and socioeconomic characteristics in an area. The socio-economic data for the model is provided by the MPO staff. The Georgia D.O.T. validates the 2015 Base Year model output data. The daily level of service (LOS) for the MATS area was derived using the Travel Demand Model.
The future year 2050 model output involves the use of six different networks which include a do-nothing scenario and a scenario for the completion of the STIP/TIP projects. The next steps of the plan development were then presented. The combined fourth/fifth network and the sixth network should be submitted to Georgia D.O.T. by February 2022. Nigel Floyd asked if the level of service (LOS) data reflect road project improvements and expected projects. It was stated that transportation network improvements are taken into consideration in the model for the LOS. A joint resolution of the TCC and the Policy Committee in support of the 2015 base year and 2050 do-nothing traffic demand models for the 2050 MTP update was then presented. A motion was made by Nigel Floyd and then seconded to adopt the resolution which the committee members then approved. Being no further business to discuss, the meeting was then adjourned.