Minutes : MATS Technical Meeting Oct. 21 2020

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The following minutes for the meeting on October 21, 2020 were approved by the MATS Technical Committee.


MATS Technical Meeting Minutes – 10/21/20

A meeting of the MATS Technical Meeting was held on Oct. 21, 2020 via Zoom Video Conference Platform. There were eleven members in attendance, thereby establishing a quorum. The minutes from the previous meeting were introduced and approved. The first item discussed on the agenda were the amendments to the MATS Public Participation Plan. There was an explanation of the term “significant” comment in regard to the public comment process for MATS. A list of criteria for significant public comments was included as well as a list of what is not included. Comments addressing the need or scope of a project would be considered significant as well other criteria that were introduced. However, comments that are not deemed significant do not need to be reported to the MATS Committees. Greg Boike asked who would be responsible for determining if a public comment is relevant to a certain project. Jim Thomas stated that the MPO staff members would be responsible for determining this. In regard to on-line meetings, it was also suggested that the Participation Plan be amended to allow that meetings be broadcast simultaneously through the MATS MPO website and other social media outlets when possible. Subsequently, a motion was made by Nigel Floyd and seconded by Greg Boike to adopt the proposed amendments to the Participation Plan which was approved.

The next item discussed were the amendments to the MATS Air Quality Determination Report (AQCD). Jim Thomas explained that MATS is currently in a Maintenance Area for air quality and that the AQCD needs to be reflected in the LRTP and the current TIP. The proposed AQCD report amendments would reflect the adoption of a new TIP and the addition of a new amendment section. A motion was made by Greg Boike and seconded by Nigel Floyd to approve the amendments to the AQCD which passed unanimously.

Jim Thomas discussed the draft Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP) which contains the work tasks for the Macon MPO in FY 2022,  The funding level for the highway projects were similar to last year’s amount but the amount for transit projects has decreased. There were some changes to the categorical budgets in the UPWP as a result of the upcoming LRTP Update and continued assistance with the transit system planning activities. After further discussion, a motion was made by Nigel Floyd that was seconded by Greg Boike to approve the draft UPWP which was passed by the committee members.

Under the LRTP Amendments, it was explained there were three new bridge replacement projects that need to be added to the LRTP. The projects were SR 247@Echeconnee Creek, SR 11/SR 22 @ Rock Creek and SR 11/SR 22 @ Sand Creek. It was stated that the Echeconnee Creek project had been coordinated with the Warner Robins MPO. A motion was made by Tim Pitrowski and seconded by Greg Boike to adopt the drat UPWP which was approved.

The next item discussed was the TIP Update for FY 2021-24 presented by Jim Thomas. In terms of road projects, the TIP continues to advance the I-16/I-75 interchange projects. Some of the new projects in the TIP include the widening of Bass Rd. from Providence Blvd. to New Forsyth Rd. and several bridge replacement projects. Vivian Carnizares of GDOT mentioned that funding for the Bass Rd. @ Norfolk Southern bridge project had been moved from FY ‘23 to FY ’22 in the TIP.  Funding for the Macon Transit Authority projects and the airports were also included in the TIP. Currently, the draft TIP is out for public review and comment. A motion was subsequently made by Nigel Floyd and seconded by Tim Pitrowski to approve the TIP which passed unanimously.

Under New Business, a letter of support.concerning the proposed I-14 project from Odessa, TX to Augusta, GA was introduced and discussed. The letter had been presented to the CAC and had received general support. A motion was made by Greg Boike and seconded by Nigel Floyd to recommend the letter to the Policy Committee which was passed by the Technical Committee.

Harland Smith of GDOT gave an update of the project status report for the road projects. He mentioned that the College Street bridge replacement project is scheduled for completion in FY 2021. It was mentioned that he would contact his office concerning the obstruction of certain driveways along College St. as a result of the project. Being no other business to discuss, the meeting was adjourned.



Name                                            Representing

  1.     Joel Callins*                                  Duke Groover, Macon-Bibb Attorney
  2.     Vivian Carnizares*                       Georgia D.O.T. Planning Office
  3.    Kaniz Sathi                                    Georgia D.O.T.
  4.  Algernon Wallace*                          Tony Rojas, Macon Water Authority Director
  5.  Jim Thomas*                                    MATS Project Director
  6.   Ken North*                                     Macon-Bibb Planning & Zoning Commission
  7. Harland Smith*                              Adam Smith, Engineer GDOT
  8. Wanzina Jackson*                          Director, Economic & Community Development
  9. Mitchell Greenway                         Stantec
  10. Greg Boike*                                     Middle GA Regional Comm.
  11. Greg Brown                                     Macon-Bibb Co. Planning & Zoning Commission
  12. Nigel Floyd*                                    Macon-Bibb Co. Traffic Engineer
  13. Tim Pitrowski*                               Jones County Zoning Director
  14. Kevin Poss*                                     Robert Ryals, Macon – Bibb Facilities Mgmt. Director

*Voting member