Citizens Advisory Committee

As the name suggests, this committee was created as the primary forum for citizen engagement, to gauge community values and public attitudes in the planning process. The membership of the CAC is currently set at 20 members:

  • One from each of the nine Macon-Bibb County Commission districts
  • One member from Jones County
  • One member from Monroe County
  • One member from American Association of Retired Persons
  • One member from Macon Housing Authority
  • One member from Bibb County Board of Education
  • One member from The League of Women Voters
  • One member each from the following interest areas
  • One from each of the following community interest groups:
    • Pedestrian/bike user
    • Transit user
    • Environmental interest group
    • Disabled population
    • Disabled transportation user

One special consideration of the CAC is that the chair of this committee also has a voting seat on the MATS Policy Committee, and a non-voting seat on the Technical Coordinating Committee (TCC). The regular meetings of the MATS CAC is the second (2nd) Wednesday of the designated month at 6pm. This is one week immediately preceding a normal TCC (Technical Coordinating Committee) meeting. The usual meeting time and place for this meeting is:

Macon-Bibb County Planning & Zoning Commission Office 200 Cherry St., Suite 300 Macon, GA 31201

For additional details or assistance with the Citizen Advisory Committee, contact:

Gregory L. Brown, Asst. Planning Director, 478-241-2554