How is MATS Funded?

MATS is funded through local, State and Federal funding sources.

At the Federal level, MATS is supported by annual grants from the Federal Highway Administration (through the “PL Grant” program) and the Federal Transit Administration (through the “5303 Grant” program).

These funds are authorized by the U.S. Congress, administered locally through Georgia Dept. of Transportation, and constitute 80% of the MATS budget.

The remaining 20% is made up through local matching funds.  In the case of 5303 Grant funds, there is an additional requirement that the 20% local match be split evenly between the State and local government (i.e., 10% each).

As with any type of federal funding, MATS is required to report on its activities supported by the funds on a regular basis.

Each quarter, MATS submits grant activity reports to the Georgia Dept. of Transportation.  Figure 2 describes the relationships between Federal funding, MPO activities, and reporting requirements.