Ways to Get Involved

There are several ways you can get involved with MATS and make a difference in the transportation future of our community.

Consider volunteering for the CAC | Citizen Advisory Committee.

There is no better “seat at the table” than an actual seat at the table.  Make a commitment to attend the meetings, ask questions, and become an informed resource on behalf of your neighborhood.

If you are interested in serving on the CAC, contact Gregory L. Brown, Senior Planner at gbrown@mbpz.org for details.

Let us know if you want MATS staff to do a presentation to your community group.

The materials on this website just scratch the surface of what the MPO’s current projects are, and the history of the organization.  We would be happy to come out and speak to your group and answer questions in person. E-mail Gregory L. Brown, Senior Planner at gbrown@mbpz.org for details.

Get involved by checking this website for updates, following us on social media, and signing up for our enewsletter.

This website, and our social media dialogue, are always works in progress:  new projects and/or opportunities arise, new questions get raised, new answers get posted. Signing up for the MATS newsletter, will help you to stay informed about when the next set of meetings is coming up and what’s on the agenda.

Let us hear from you.

Not only do we want to hear from you, we need to hear from you.  An informed public is our best asset in developing transportation projects intended and designed to serve the public interest.  Federal law requires MPOs to do public outreach before making significant changes to the Long Range Transportation Plan and/or the Transportation Improvement Program. You can connect with us via e-mail.